leasing fire
leasing fire

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leasing fire
leasing fire


Stuff happens. We hope the bad stuff never happens to you. But protect yourself anyway.

 Why Choose Multifamily  Insurance Partners?


  • Pre-approved - no credit check

  • Convenient - enroll in 5 minutes

  • Replacement coverage - get new belongings upon loss

  • Claims not reported on insurance record ("brand names" report you) so your rates won't increase 

  • Competitive pricing & dozens of choices to customize to your needs and budget

Why You Need Personal Liability Insurance


  • Renters are financially responsible for damage they cause.

  • The landlord's insurance does not cover you! YOUR insurance protects you and your community. 

  • If you cause a fire that damages the apartment or the belongings of other's, you and your guarantor are liable for all damages.

Campus Advantage Parents And Guarantors


PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION....before even considering covering your college student under your homeowner's insurance.


This information could save you thousands of dollars...and are things your insurance agent may not tell you or even understand...

Duke University Dorm Fire...Students surprised belongings aren't covered by the school. Don't make the same mistake!

Following the fire....many students were surprised to learn that the University insurance did not cover damaged personal property. University officials said students are encouraged to purchase renters insurance....because standard homeowners insurance may not cover damages on-campus. Duke does not offer....insurance to their students. The Chronicle, March 17, 2014